Gillece has shared his knowledge of the vibes, percussion, and jazz for over a decade. As an endorsing artist and clinician for Malletech, he has presented numerous lectures and workshops at schools and universities throughout the world. He is a faculty member at New Jersey City University and Rowan University where he teaches vibraphone and jazz ensembles. In addition to his work in schools, he has contributed over 200 lessons and videos to educational websites. The most notable of these is a web-based teaching forum called, where he has developed an international following and reputation as a leading jazz educator. His commitment to helping students learn goes beyond the walls, boundaries, and time parameters of the classroom. He strives to help everyone reach their full potential. Here's what a few people have said:

The past few months, I've worked intensely on Behn’s lessons, and this week was a highlight working very closely with him. It was a highlight, but certainly not an ending. Even more, a new beginning for me.
Behn woke me up concerning scales. I know them, but have been passive and neglected them. I just worked with chord tones; but he made me see what I’ve been missing because of it. I've been thinking about it for the last 2 days now, and more and more, I see everything concerning music playing completely different. Like he opened a door, and there is an entire new world. Like I've been sailing the local ponds, and suddenly know the direction to the canals and oceans. I feel for the 1st time that I understand how music is built.

Stefan Vandenberg
Mechelen, Antwerp, Belgium

Working with Behn is like having access to a superb translator of a difficult language. Behn can distill often complex jazz theory into practical application and prepare effective exercises to help me "get it". He listens well and explains clearly. The fact that Behn is a successful working jazz musician doesn't hurt either.

Spike Schonthal
Chicago, IL

Behn is a great player and really understands jazz music theory and its application to the vibraphone. Since I live in Virginia, we use Skype for lessons. With Skype’s audio and video features, I can hear and see Behn and his vibes and he sees a similar image of me and my instrument. It was clear  after the first lesson that this technology was going to be a great advantage for improving my playing with Behn’s help.

Ed De Gennaro
Richmond, VA

If you are interested in taking a lesson with Behn, please contact him at Private lessons can either be arranged in person, or via Skype depending on the prospective student's location. All lessons come with the added benefit of "outside the lesson" materials, which include pdf handouts, and email follow-ups. Broader lessons focusing on jazz concepts and theory are offered on all instruments and span all levels. Behn is also available for clinics & masterclasses.

For a free sample lesson handout, download the pdf on this page. This is Pt. 2 of a lesson series on dominant chords.